Security, housekeeping, maintenance and
 customized services for your property

Property Management:


We offer you a variety of services, to suit your property needs whether private or business, while you are on Zakynthos or back home. Most important is that we look after your property while you are back home so that you do not have to worry about it.


We provide a standard package and we offer a variety of extra services that you can add to the standard package, or create your very own one.


You know that sometimes we have extreme showers in the wintertime and sometimes earthquakes, we always check your property if something like that happens as soon as possible; this services is included your package.

The standard package for every week is:
  • Ventilation of the house every two weeks
  • Security check (windows and doors).
  • Inspection of interior and external areas.
  • Check water, gas and power supply.
  • Alarm check if there is one
  • Check guttering.
  • Report of any damages and if it is necessary
    (for safety) repair it directly. *
  • Property check afther heavy weather conditions (extra)

*Any damages we will inform you directly and send
a photo by e-mail


Extra services that we can provide are: 
  • Gardening including watering the plants, weeding and cleaning
    terrace and paths.
  • Landscaping and Garden design*.
  • Airport transfers.
  • Cleaning the house on request (arrival and departure).
  • Collecting of bills (electric, water, phone)
  • Shopping service for food and drinks on arrival.
  • Organize work or maintenance for your property.
  • Painting jobs.
  • Pest control.
  • Cleaning walls outside.
  • Repair inside and outside the house (electrical and plumbing).
  • Pool service like emptying, cleaning, re-filling and cleaning
    the pool filters.
  • Laundry service.
  • Window cleaning.
  • Car hire.
  • Key holding for if you rent your property out we can
    provide all the services like airport transfers, etc 

Also we provide services upon request which are not listed above and wecan help to find your dream propertie or land.

Garden design 

We design your garden in 3D with the house, that means that you can see your garden from every angel you like, and get a real live idea of your garden with your house on the drawing. 
We can design your garden if you are back home if you give us the information of the plot and the house and we send it by e-mail, you can check it and let us know what you like to change; we do the changes and send it back to you. 

If you bought a plot of land and you have the plans for the house we can design the garden before you start building so you have an idea how your property looks if it is ready. 

This can be very important if you want to built in a pool for example or for your parking.


Pricing and terms: 
For pricing and term contact us true our
Contact details:
Menno & Albertje Heeling
Phone: 0030 2695055328
Mobile: 0030 6945683942


If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask them, also remember that if you want us to provide you with other services which are not listed we would be happy to discus this with you.